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It doesn’t have to be so hard to get to events from your city. No more detours. No more wasting hours waiting for the next bus. And no more bad schedules. Travel between cities and to events in half the time and half the price with Port.


Make the most of your trips between cities and on highways. Offer your ride, cover your costs and make up to $600/month.

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It’s finally super easy and cheap to travel between cities and events. At half the time and half the price of public transit. #wow

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Get a ride to your favourite events, concerts, festivals and meetups.

Get a ride to the Raptors, Jays
and Maple Leafs games.

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Why use Port?

In-App Payments

Enjoy private and secure payments for a simple and seamless experience. Now supporting Visa, MasterCard and Apple Pay.


Seat Availability

See how many seats are available with hollow and filled circles. No more messaging and waiting hours for a reply.

Fixed Prices

Know your trip’s price in advance, so you know exactly how much it will cost. No surprises.


Choose a trip that is safe and reliable. Phone, e-mail and payments verified.

Fast and Cheap

Travel at half the time and half the price of public transit.

Full Refund

You get a full refund when you cancel a day before. Yay!

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